Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Of all the things I'd planned to do this four day weekend, I did none except the huge pile of RL. (Huge success there.) What I did do was build the bones of an animation and typing Fx for Horg Neurocam's alien avatar. Fairly basic work, but some of the neatest stuff is basic. Any chance to work with Horg is a good thing.

Check out the Cavorite Mines in Caledon Moors and see what I mean.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Mermaid Work

It was perfect! Flawless! Graceful and elegant motion. Then a server change messed it all up. Sometimes after colliding with a prim, or the ground, the server had trouble figuring out what animation state you were in.

This would be overcome by using full priority animations, but I'd rather leave the option of the typing animation to the wearer. Back to the grindstone and I came up with a solution that 'mostly' works. It fakes a period of freefall after a collision, which sets the server right. Now, 9/10 times at least it's back to its smooth self.

I also took the time to toss in something I'd been intending, and that's a universal swim water level set. It involves touching a prim, and the prim communicates with your HUD the desired water level. That is, the position of the prim.

This will be used for swimming sets. I've already started on the animations.

This thing's almost ready for the big time.

Fanciful Existence

Today I want to see the Chronicles of Narnia flick, and noticed the previews. The upcoming Brendan Fraser film Journey to the Centre of the Earth and City of Ember.

Amusing, I'll likely go see them, but I couldn't help but think, "I live these every day in Caledon."

Later, I concluded, "Life is so good. :)"