Thursday, June 17, 2010

Love Them or Hate Them

These guys just might be the future of the music biz.

Not only download it, but a contest involving uploading it to Facebook? Can you say magic formulas for viral? These guys are the Kings of Viral.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Life On Mars

So, yes, I've been fussing with Blue Mars for over a year now, a slow start having rarefied skills to begin with. Still, I'm on the vanguard for this sort of thing when compared to Joe Average Computer User.

So there's a dress and hair by... me. :) Added bonus, one of my little party dress and boots combos in the back there in blue.

A brief chronology in pictures:
May 15, 2009:
Exploring beach City, and the hills surrounding.
Big Crater.

May 16, 2009:
Finally made the summit of the highest peak in Beach City.
And, going the other way...
That other peak I was talking about? Way over there. And can still see Beach City way over here, if not the trees and rocks I had to climb over to get this far. You can also see the Big Crater.
Other side of Beach City.
And you can still see Beach City.

I need to make more stuffs here. I still feel weird seeing people using stuffs I made.