Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ego Depletion

I have a huge problem with this, distraction and not having the energy to follow through with things. The obvious general advice is something I'm going to try, like, trying to ramp up the motivation to work on a project? Have a piece of chocolate, then go brag about what you're about to do in a public forum so you'll look stupid if you don't.

Hey, I just discovered Desmond's secret. O_o

Blunt Language and To The Point

On social media. [Edit: Link Dead at last check.] I liked this post, but then I'm a sociology nerd. YMMV.
For myself, the strongest point in the article is this:
  • That’s not to say the average college student is a bad writer. It’s saying there’s a handful of college students who are shockingly good. They were able to learn because they were given an open forum, then told repeatedly how stupid they were until they matured.
It's not that in Caledon it's often needed to be said someone's a moron or being a moron. Most newcomers, the ones who stay, pick up the societal nuance and "grab a brain". I know it took me awhile. :)