Saturday, January 31, 2009

Interesting Skypirate Game

I stumbled across a multiplayer flash game called Skyrates.

For the most part you queue up actions and leave it to run checkpoints buying and selling goods. I'd not have the patience for its very slow pace if it were not for the way I can kill the browser and let it alert me by AIM if something happens. The cute logs the pilot emails are neat too.

And yes, zOMG furries!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

In Other Thoughts

BusinessWeek was interested in Anshe Chung because of the enormous volume of virtual equity involved.

I wonder if this thing here, this Caledon, this entirely new form of social media that is Mondserrat, Denver Hax's baby, the rail system, the sub communities under the same flag, the other related and friendly communities of Steelhead and Babbage and Winterfell, the utterly unrelated communties like The Wastelands or Darkmere, I wonder if this is somehow bigger. The fact that these are communities.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Very Interesting

Liquid Wood.

Caledon. Love it or at least make it less annoying

I love Seth's Blog. Of all the other blogs I read/skim, glance at it's Seth and to a lesser extent The Cunning Realist that I actually read end to end 9/10 times. In this post, Seth lays out a commentary on one of the fine lines between big and small communities.

It occurred to me just when Caledon crossed that line between forgiving the idiosyncrasies and actually loving them and moving into the realm of 'can't please everyone'. I differentiate individual dissent (the uproar over Kushiel's blood fountain) from larger scale bodies of people. This division probably occurred before it became obvious, that point being the War with Neualtenburg.

There were 'mercenary groups' who got the impression that Caledon was suddenly one huge combat estate. There were people who loudly opted out. There were people who played with the idea of a Victorian Peacenik approach to the whole thing. The final concensus afterward was, 'That was annoying.'

Other little shifts occured, Desmond Shang didn't call snap dance parties on the chessboard anymore. He hadn't in a long time. Microsocieties started to take form in earnest, with their own leadership (or lack thereof). To be fair to the Guvnah, Mondserrat is a work of art. Many thanks to Denver Hax for that. St Kitts was lovely. The occassional Benny-fest is great fun. He does what he can when he can.

My point is, Caledon cannot please everyone. It never did, even when it was small and quirky and people stayed out of love. It doesn't now that it's huge and sprawling with little to no chance of knowing all your neighbours and people stay out of a mixture of love, of disinterest in moving, of knowing that the management in many places outside of Caledon is more annoying.

So there is the shift from small to large. Impossible for everyone to know/enjoy the company of everyone else, with many sub-cultures/groups, thus is the reason for the hands-off approach to management. Impossible to please everyone, myself included. Increasingly less possible to stay solely out of love. These peoples will move on, forge their own lands or join smaller and vibrant communities. They're following what they need from their space, they need to love it, quirks and all. Those of us who remain need to concentrate on annoyance reduction.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mermaid Version 2

Ready for release this weekend.

Watch more video games and play free games at WeGame.

Swim Wedge Update

Major, major update. Bugs squashed, mobility increased, multiple dives. Get your update or purchase here:

To update, rez a prior version canister near the vendor and you'll get a new on in a folder. Replace your old canister with the new one, and the wedges will cycle through. The swimming pool setup is unchanged, and there is a video demo below.

Watch more video games and play free games at WeGame.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SLURL Print Function

Script function library. Released to Public Domain. Will apply indents once I figure out how to in Blogger.

string SLURL;

string SLURLFetch(string region, vector pos)
//Author of this function: Kamilah Hauptmann, Jan 4, 2009.
list Parse = llParseString2List(region, [], [" "]);
if(llList2String(Parse, 1) == " ")//in case of a two word sim name
Parse = llListReplaceList(Parse, ["%20"], 1, 1);
if(llList2String(Parse, 3) == " ")//In case of a three word sim name
Parse = llListReplaceList(Parse, ["%20"], 3, 3);
if(llList2String(Parse, 5) == " ")//In case of a four word sim name O.o
Parse = llListReplaceList(Parse, ["%20"], 5, 5);
string SimName = llDumpList2String(Parse, "");
integer X = (integer)pos.x;
integer Y = (integer)pos.y;
integer Z = (integer)pos.z;
return "" + SimName + "/" + (string)X + "/" + (string)Y + "/" + (string)Z + "/";//Woot! A usable SLURL!