Monday, February 28, 2011

Fun Picture Series

The year 2000 as imagined in 1910.

And after that giggle, here's the horror that is that was.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Aspire

I'm a little drunk but not too far out, I'll admit, and hoping this doesn't make little to no sense, but I had a momentary glimmer of observation.

Watch this, and when he says 'brick', you hear 'prim'.

What does a prim do? It aspires. I've had my first rezzed prim in my Port Caledon Cathedral for awhile now. The object name is, 'I Aspire'.

This, this is a principle roadblock I encountered when trying to develop content for Blue Mars. When working in SL, I am present. It's a computer emulation, an avatar, yes, but when I rez a prim, it is there, at my virtual feet, asking me to make it into something great.

When working in Blender, there's a drab backdrop of a grid, and I'm not there, in the work, handling it out of love. Importing into the upload environment, that's not me either, if I'm working on a clothing item. That's someone else. I'm not invested in the work. It's not personal.