Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tonight's Wine

Lotusland Enigma.

Very fruity red, hint of wood at the back of the mouth. It's mildly sweet going back but not into dessert wine range. I like. :)

Still seeking a place that sells Maudite in my area, although I haven't looked terribly hard.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tonight's Wine

Lotusland Girlsrmeaner.

I'm finding it very fruity, with a light bite to the tip of the tongue on the way in and no unpleasantness even a minute later.

I discovered this winery driving by. The claim of an organic winery intrigued me as phosphites in beverages have a hit-miss chance of an evil headache for me. Not only do the wines taste more natural to my tongue, not a single hangover five bottles of various types.

As always in my case, drunk from a crystal water glass when in the workshop. I knock over stemmed glasses far too easily.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Various Views of Chateau Frontenac

A bit fairy tale, that last one, no? It was taken near the entrance to the Citadel.
I went inside the day before, ambled about, and you know? The interior was nothing compared to the Empress in Victoria. The exterior, however, was worth the trip alone.

For All You Cannon Nerds Out There

From Artillery Park outside the carriage shed.

And a map snapshot from inside the museum. The Artillery Park is along the city walls on the right, where the Citadel is on the left.
The things you had to do to defend against cannons.

And a bonus from the Rampart.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Face, New Beer

Hot find! A place that sells masks manufactured by the suppliers to the Cirque du Soliel!

I got two such masks, both cat. This is the more masculine 'Feline', reminiscent of a lion or panther. The other is a 'Puss in Boots', and is much less stern looking, and they have nose holes, I can breathe in them.

And of course, a big honkin' bottle of beer.

Egad, I've grown such a mane. And by now I feel I've cemented myself as 'one of those internet weirdos'.

New Favorite Beer

La Maudite. It's a very strong beer, and to me it tasted a bit of fruit. Almost like a wine with bubbles. If you can find it where you live, you really must try this, especially if you enjoy wine as much as beer.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hook and Eyes, Not Recommended

  • Work on the fastenings, reinforcements under the bust, and a better fastening up at the collar.
  • New wig and wig cap, poor thing's about had it.
This is Simplicity 2887, with a few alterations.

The velvet was just too bothersome to stitch well so I took the leftover taffeta and stitched lace around the tabs. I may weight them with some ornaments.

It's over corset Simplicity 9769 and the hoop skirt and petticoat Simplicity 9764.

All in all I found this challenging but not out of my novice reach. Many thanks to the internet and all you wonderful people who post tutorials.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I Love It When The Sleeves Go On

It looks more like a dress and that I wasn't just wasting fabric and thread.

Lessons learned:
  • Velvet is a bitch to sew.
  • Those dots are there for a reason.
  • Sometimes you need to ignore the dots and put it on 'wrong' to make it look 'right'.
  • Wrong and right have entirely different reasons when all caps.
  • Use lotsa pins if you're not sure you don't quite understand the directions.

Monday, June 1, 2009



Update Dec 25, 2009
Copyright beat down.


Update June 17, 2010
Found it again!