Sunday, May 11, 2008

Under The Sea

One thing Caledon did not forgo is waterways. I wish there were more waterways in Caledon, but it's striking how many of the successful theme estates all focus so heavily on water. But, like most areas, underwater decor is few and far between.

Today I ran into the asset upload bug and began to teleport around the grid, in case it was merely a faulty connection between my region and the asset servers. I landed on the mainland, old continent, and gave up trying when I failed there in multiple regions as well.

And I explored, tried to reach the Ahern Welcome Area region by water travel. Things I discovered:
  • There is a lot of water on the old continent.
  • It's protected land, IE no ban lines.
  • There are elevation changes to the water level.
  • And most of it is boring. (Exception: the tunnels in Sistiana.)
I washed up on Luna beach after cheating with one teleport and a break for lunch.

Back in Caledon, I found these little gems. Not saying who made them, or where, explore that on your own, but that is a tip jar in that sunken temple. All you undersea voyagers, tip like you got a pair. People like this make the grid beautiful and full of hidden treasure.

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Bixyl Shuftan said...

My friends Fortunas and Angelkitten in Heaven's Sky have experimented with underwater strucures. One of their sims had a fancy underwater castle.