Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nautilus Sinking

The central core of Nautilus as it stands now.

The price tags on plots in the core range from L$75,000 to half a million. Still crazy, still a long term loss to LL with the half price tier. (Or will there be a 'rate adjustment' on double prim sims in the future?) the cacophonic approach to building with no covenant is moving in, but curiously, the plots with these towers aren't for sale. Completely wild guess, the landowner is trying to drive the other speculator's prices down to acquire more of it. Notice the hop-skip approach to the acquisitions. I'd considered doing that myself, only I would have put up adult verified only ban lines and ugly prim penis shops. :)

Also possible, the towers might be a protest to the latest OpenSpace buffoonery, to uglify the landscape to trash the vision. I expect to see more of these towers as the auction keeps going ahead.

And Nautilus still crashes my fairly powerful computer system with its prim heavy builds.

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