Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sculpture & Architecture

Postmodernism at its weirdest.

While fooling with Futurism ideas I dashed in some Feng Shui.

A failed attempt at depicting motion, but I like it anyway. This is a sheet metal Imperial Guardian Lion with optional micro solar core. (Gads I'm weird.)

I had a little more success with this piece, it's still very upright like the guardians, but does have a forward gesture line through it. This is a Lady Luminary.

I've a few more bays in the Palace to fill, I'm thinking of rabbits holding shields.

Front view of the Palace. Mountains in back, water in front. Symmetry. Feng Shui. Long curving dramatic arcs, conquest of the natural form, and a sense of urgency. Futurism.

I take Tanglewood very seriously, and thus the treed mountain shield to minimise the impact on Tanglewood's mystique. I hope a palace hidden behind mountains actually increases the mystique.

Side view.
Gathering hall. I chose to descend into the main chamber rather than ascend, and forgo any pomp such as a throne. The seatings are all West Trade, and what could count as a throne is a three seater, spaces reserved for the few people I count as Ladies in Waiting.

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Bamika Easterman said...

I love your builds, you have a feeling for balance and grandeur.