Thursday, July 9, 2009

Victoriana on the Cheap

From a conversation with Serra Anansi and a belated fulfillment of a 'kinda' promise to Kaye Robbiani and/or Scotti Lyle.

Also known as: How to toss together a passable costume for Victoriana, fast and cheap.

Disclaimer, I haven't tried this, it's just an 'idea' from what I've learned about 19th Century fashion and might come close to late Victorian natural form.

Text here:
Go to any plus sized dress store and find something conservative.
Get two full length dresses.
Same one, one will be a parts sacrifice.
Then to the fabric store for ribbons and notions and tassels and stuff.
That match.
You'll need a store bought crinoline. Pirate your old wedding dress maybe.
You'll also need a few yards of stiff crinoline, but that's pretty cheap too.
That will be bustled up and attached to the main crinoline.
More butt. :)
Now you have a dress and a dress to tear apart. What you do with the sacrifice one is pull the bodice off, and hem it. It will become an overskirt, tie it up with ribbons on the sides.
Take the sleeves and poof em up for some poofy shoulders, sew them over the main dress.
Add frills to taste.


Anonymous said...


Your Lyonesse, neither Miss Lyle nor Miss Robbiani would need to patronize a plus-sized dress store.

Kamilah Hauptmann said...

Under ordinary circumstances I would agree with you. :) The volume of crinoline and bustle necessary for the look, however, says otherwise lest, oh horrors, appear avant-guard Edwardian!

Yes, I know, weak coming from an anachronist such as I. :)