Monday, June 14, 2010

Life On Mars

So, yes, I've been fussing with Blue Mars for over a year now, a slow start having rarefied skills to begin with. Still, I'm on the vanguard for this sort of thing when compared to Joe Average Computer User.

So there's a dress and hair by... me. :) Added bonus, one of my little party dress and boots combos in the back there in blue.

A brief chronology in pictures:
May 15, 2009:
Exploring beach City, and the hills surrounding.
Big Crater.

May 16, 2009:
Finally made the summit of the highest peak in Beach City.
And, going the other way...
That other peak I was talking about? Way over there. And can still see Beach City way over here, if not the trees and rocks I had to climb over to get this far. You can also see the Big Crater.
Other side of Beach City.
And you can still see Beach City.

I need to make more stuffs here. I still feel weird seeing people using stuffs I made.

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