Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Civilised Rail Travel in the Americas

Oxymoron? I hope not.

Dearest Grace, Eva,

As to booking, I'll first inquire with the aetheric visual wicket to see about firm arrangements for a day trip. I do hope there is a division between the monied and the proletariat.

That said, rail from Boston will likely land us at a terminal, once we make it past the mobs wielding assault rifles as though they were Jihadis in Tehran, what next?

Would you come by motor carriage? By rail as well? Would you arrive at a different terminal? Is the subway in New York truly the land ventured only by hoodlums, daredevils and vigilantes?

But of most importance, where shall we lunch? Some place with an 'essential New York' experience, if possible, a sight of that French monument in the harbour, perhaps? Times Square from all views I've seen before appears to be a Piccadilly redeux, and after Shanghai, the urban-ness of New York strikes me as quaint and small town, sadly. Therefore, the harbour statue is a must, unless you've a brilliant secret little known outside your region. Restaurant atop the Chrysler or Empire State buildings? Art deco museum? Tea house along Central Park?

And in the event of the inevitable muggers, will you be 'packing heat' as you say down there in the deep south? And in such cases, we have excellent concoctions of bear spray here in the wilds, but pray tell, is such personal defense within the bounds of decency? We wouldn't wish to appear too provincial if it should come to it that an assailant need be spritzed in the visage and thusly trounced with logger boot and hockey stick.

Your friend,


PS do let me know if you just sprayed your coffee though your nose and if I'm welcome to blog this.

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