Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Boston

  • You know a hotel is swank when you can actually remove the hangars from the clothing rack.
  • Fire alarms and tenth floor != fun.
  • South Bay is painfully suburban but sports a Target for those essentials you just forgot to bring. O_O
  • Otenth knows all the good restaurants in town.
  • Legal Seafood is merely 'good'. Want yah chowdah, theyah ya go. But ask Otenth first. West coaster bias for really strong Pacific salmon applies. YMMV.
  • Maggiano's is 'quite pleasing'.
  • Duck Tours are fun.
  • Massachusetts has a weird lack of laws on some things. No seat belt law. Requirement to buy and operate a yacht: A chequebook.
  • Lotsa great history.
  • Lotsa lovely old and new architecture.
  • The city feels 'smallish' despite its population. Maybe it's just the neighbourly feel to it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, but there are seat belt laws. It's just that people ignore them in taxicabs. I don't think that's unique to Boston, but any stretch. In my experience, people don't put on seatbelts in cabs in New York City or Philadelphia, either.

Fogwoman Gray said...

Good heavens! I have seen how cabbies drive, at least on the west coast. I have always worn a seatbelt in cabs.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Not only do I wear a seatbelt in cabs, I like to be mildly sedated, too.

I'm sure the fire alarm was even more fun for the rest of the guests if the saw a great white lion among them!

Kamilah Hauptmann said...

Boston Taxi travel wasn't scary at all. Mind you, I've been in taxis in Shanghai. Not even New York holds a candle to that level of insane. (And it was FUN! :D )

Plus I met a lot of really good cabbies. Want a strong tip, turn the trip into a social exercise or a mini-tour.

And the local accent rubbed off a bit on me to the point a cabbie asked if I was from Philly.