Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Slippers that Went to Eleven

Leveled to 85 in Two Weeks

I bought a pair of shoes in Caracas, they're nice shoes, I'll wear them a lot. But in Venezuela I wore the slippers I'd worn by mistake almost exclusively. They've:
  • Tromped the streets of Caracas.
  • Wandered various Venezuelan beaches.
  • Been through dodgy public markets.
  • Relaxed in fine Caracas restaurants.
  • Witnessed the little balloon house atop Angel Falls.
  • Adventured in the jungle around Canaima.
  • Traveled the islands Coche and Margarita (Both sides.)
  • Come back home in one piece, just needing a rinse on the soles.
Not bad for a pair of Haflingers.


Fogwoman Gray said...

Nice to see a photo of the legendary slippers :)

Anonymous said...

I love Haflingers! They have a great foot bed, and they last forever.