Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Fun and Exciting City of Cornwall, Ontario

Welp. The best thing that can be said, I suppose, is it's only an hour, hour and a half to fun/exciting places. The surrounding towns, inland and along the river are wonderful to sightsee, though I can imagine myself going slowly mad were I to ever live in any of them.

Dining in Cornwall. Do you want Italian? Casa Paolo, quite good. Not in the mood for Italian? Care for a run of the mill bar and grill? Kelsey's. Nope, still want fine dining? You could try Eight Zero Zero, I didn't make it to that one, closed on Sundays as is most of an uptight Catholic town. Otherwise, flee, flee ye to Ottawa. Flee ye to Montreal.

Or go to Remington's pub. Of the pubs around town I sampled, by far this is the best one, and the seeming center of Cornwall's Friday nightlife. (Six young adults smoking in front of the pub.)

Many other eateries around town suffered from inadequate competition to keep them on their game.

Tim Horton's. Everywhere. You cannot escape it. You will be assimilated.

I can't say enough nice things about restaurant and hotel staff. They were almost to every last one a shining star in a terribly bleak urban landscape.

Sightseeing. A quick drive around town, you're done. Go to Ottawa. Go to Montreal. Hell, drive west down the 2 to Brockville and tour around there. Brockville has half the population and twice the modern services and four times the interesting architecture and neighbourhoods.

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