Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Was and Is and Is To Come

Or what is Kamilah wearing?

I'm a rare one it seems, sticking with one avatar for close to three years. Sculpts appearing pretty much destroyed that. Damn you, Uchi Desmoulins for showing me that incredible white lioness avatar!

Anyhoo, the selection of puma avatars has always been terrible in Second Life, so I went for the longest time with a Luskwood White Lioness.

Earliest (good) picture I have is here.

I caught onto how to use the camera like a pro early on. Camera training, the foundation of SL enjoyment. The outfit is a mixmatch of various bits and pieces I'm not sure even exist anymore. It dates to December 7, 2005.

While not exactly my first dress on SL, it became a favourite for longtime. Silver Rose, Anna Karenina, with my lipstick prim, January 9, 2006:

The following genie outfit was my dissatisfaction with the state of bellydance wear in Second Life, it's undergone a few incarnations of its own, from cute to OMG. The tiara became my Viceregal tiara. Dated March 1, 2006.

And dated March 5, 2006:

And September 10, 2007:

And back to the gowns, I wore a Silver Rose Celia in Red or Green longtime too. Dated December 6, 2006:

This was done for an avatar around December 30, 2007. The hairstyle, had for much longer, and usually worn with a Solange Legacy in Red/Gold and a pair of particularly extreme boots by Dark Eden, the Nemesis. And several other DE accessories. Etain Peregrine is a doll. Shop her. Do it.

And my most current formal Viceregal attaire, Silver Rose Gloria Silver. Dated February 3, 2008:

I caught a friend (Kensuke Leviathan) of mine working on a sculpted panther head, and I went bonkers all over the place for it. So close, so close to puma. So we hammered away at the sculpt, it looks much nicer now, even over and above what I have here, dated about a month ago, photo by Virrginia Tombola:

That was short lived, and may be revisited, but holy damn if AnthroeXtacy hasn't thrown everything else out the window with this. Dated today, and in progress:

You served me well for a long time, Luskwood. It's time.

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Bixyl Shuftan said...

Hey there Kamm ;-)

So finally changing your look? Well, for now I'll stick to mine.

Great pics by the way. :-D