Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Bus

Original post from May 23, 2006 on another blog that's closing up.


From work, I have the choice of walking along the train tracks from station to station or walking through nature trails and quiet neighbourhoods to a parallel train line. I do this for exercise. Today there was a risk of rain, about mid-way along the trails it started to rain so I jockeyed on down to the bus stop and sat in the shelter, waiting for the bus.

The bus came, I left the shelter and the bus slowed, then did not stop. I was mighty pissed and went back into the shelter and fumed. The rain let up and I started to walk up the steep hill portion of the route. I cursed every miserable pissass bus driver I'd ever had the misfortune to cross paths with.

Then I remembered what I'd said to another kid some 22 years ago when the bus did the same to him. "What's the matter, the buses rejectin' ya?"

Karma's a bitch, and I had to laugh at myself, quietly apologise to that kid wherever he may be now, and walk on with the liberation of having restored a bit of the balance.

I came to the stop near the top of the hill. I shoulder checked. The next bus was already stopping.

I'm on the train. The sun is shining through the clouds.

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