Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gown AO

This is my ad run for the Gown AO.

I was originally going to put it all together in the complete Lady, but it ended up with a gawdawful confusing pile of notecards, so it's a standalone and includes the Classical set.

This is a little different from a normal ZHAO-based AO, I added a button to switch on and off arm animations. With the sub-AO running it adds a wild amount of pose variety to the mix, also, it's the first roll-out of the Voice animation override. Use Voice? Gesture with your arms. :)

It's structured with three sizes of four 'twinned' standing poses, with four ready made notecards inside. They should work for 9/10 gown sizes regardless of avatar size.

Here's the rejected first try, just for the_lulz.

1 comment:

Silver Countess said...

I love this AO, every time I wear my Victorian outfits, there is no AO I'd wear except the ones Kamilah makes. :D

Yuriko M.