Monday, August 3, 2009

Rudloe Hall Hotel

First afternoon free since Paris. I've been on the road a lot and learning the hard way that despite Britain's small size, it is still enormous. Except with regards to road lane width and car parking facilities. I could do a half hour comedy routine about the car park in Swansea, but instead, glad to be out of there, I'll give a little tour of our hotel outside Bath, the Rudloe Hall Hotel.

This is a firmly four star, if not a little better, establishment, I booked it online this morning from the hotel room in Swansea. (Two star or not, the Premier Inn chain in the UK is a wonderful last chance planning on the fly way to cross the UK when you're not in the mood for 'surprises'. When town hopping one night per city, I'll definitely use them again.)

Rudloe, however, is full of surprises, top notch ones. Here's the exterior.

And the entry foyer.

Main stairwell to second floor.
Top of stairs on second floor.
Looking backwards from top of stairs on second floor.
A little sitting area on the second floor.

Narrow little staircase to third.With a t intersection at the top of the stairs. Our room is first door on the left. We sprang for the best room in the house, conning ourselves into believing 250 pounds/night really meant L$250. O_o
But it was worth it, strange a-frame room.

Antique desk.

Fireplace and TV.
Antique bath.

And what's this? Second floor?

It is, it is a second floor sitting room. Outdoor on balcony jacuzzi, even.
And a third floor? O_o
Yes, right up the tower, a Princess bedroom on what's the fifth floor of the tower.
With mind-bending view to the south(ish).

And the west(ish).And the parking lot. Watch for vertigo.
And another floor? o_O
Which led to a barred door, presumably to the roof of the tower.

There's a pitch and putt, an indoor swimming pool, spa options, dining room, sitting room, billiards room, and a garden, but various photos are up on the Rudloe website and I've already been pants with the photos for this post. :) This will be our base of operations until the sixth. Money well spent and my alter-ego is purring.


Fogwoman Gray said...

Absolutely Stunning! I did enjoy the Rudloe Hall website. One wonders what the 60 pound room looks like ;)
Perhaps they repurposed the dungeon?

Eva Bellambi said...


Kami has already written me to tell me that you finally found a place she can appreciate since removing her from Versailles earlier this holiday.

You two enjoy!!

Kamilah Hauptmann said...

60 Pound rooms appear to be a bedroom/bath and a large/medium sized bed plus a few appointments.

You've still the run of the grounds and hotel, so nothing wrong with that at all.

(And I enjoyed Inverness a wee bit more than Paris/Versailles.)

Eva Bellambi said...


We cannot wait to get back to Scotland. We did not make it up to Inverness, but it is on the list for the next trip!

Virrginia Tombola said...

It's been three years now for me since I last saw those shores.

The picture of the rolling green hills brings back so many memories, although it looks like you're visiting them in considerably more style than we did :)

Kamilah Hauptmann said...

Looking at the hotel closer. It creaks, it groans, it has odd quirks. It has no window screens and a moth flew into my nightshirt last night. Was funny, really. Ran out of hot water trying to fill the big tub out on the deck. Floor safe is not bolted down.

And every request I've made of the staff has been gladly and competently handled every time. :)

And the hair blowers are in a cabinet downstairs, available on request. O.o

Quirks. :)