Saturday, August 15, 2009

SLCC 2009

I can haz sewing projects? From the lobby of the Westin Bayshore, San Francisco, the 2009 Kamilah Hauptmann look. (Sans corset, three hours into the Odd Ball I went upstairs and removed it before it killed me.)

Shot by Jaelle Akula.
Shot by Jeremy Linden. (With my camera not properly set up. Shutter speed too slow. He has a pretty steady hand nonetheless. :) )
Jaelle Akula. I made this dress for her, hoop skirt and all! :D
Casualties: One tassel lost while dressing. One hook and eye while dancing. One strap on the mask while wearing it hung about my neck after midnight. (I'd gotten changed around 11:30, enough was enough and there were only around a dozen people left.)

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