Monday, October 26, 2009

Compare and Contrast v2

Steam Con:
  • Twice the size it was anticipated.
  • Inaugural convention.
  • A large meet of a particular fandom.
  • Fairly easy-going regimentation. (Open carry of toy guns!)
  • Small group of closely related people.
  • Inaugural 'large scale' meet.
  • A meet of a single sub-set of a fandom in a platform.
  • Little regimentation.
  • Larger group of somewhat related people.
  • Fifth such meet.
  • A meet of anyone in the platform.
  • Some regimentation, but not a great deal.
About Steam Con 2009, things I liked and things that could have gone better.
  • Twitter would be a useful tool. "I'm at Salon B." "Going to lunch in 20." Follow who you want to, be available to those who follow you.
  • 20 or so virtual steamlanders showed up, we packed the little salon room we had.
  • Costuming was fantastic. Everyone advised to bring something, even if it's just a cap and suspenders. Better than 90% of the con goers were costumed full time.
  • Virtual steamlanders were a bit of an unknown to steampunk at large.
  • We made a decent showing, and this is definitely a winning convention. See you there in 2010.
  • It was pretty big, I know Doctor Oblonsky was there, but I didn't manage to bump into him.
  • I would have liked to hang out with Terry Lightfoot and Darkling Elytis a bit more, but again, huge con, and so much to do, so many people. (Twitter might have been a help for making oneself more available, findable.)
  • Me, run Twitter at international data roaming rates? ZOMG-NO. Need to look into pay as you go data chips for Blackberry while in Seattle.
  • Random thought for Caledonians or other related allies interested, taking a day ferryboat trip to Victoria, BC for tea at the Empress. (Need to book ahead two weeks at least. Take extra day after the con?)
  • Next year's theme: The Weird West. Naturally, Steelhead will be heavily involved.
  • Still lots of people around during the Abney Park concert, not everyone could get a ticket/was a fan. You won't be the lone weirdo in the lobby.

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