Friday, February 12, 2010

Jesus Harold Christ

All the way to infinity.

I was surprised by my contacts list getting tossed wide open by Google Buzz, but I think I shut it down correctly. I hope. I don't have anything particularly horrorsome in there to hide, but maybe I'm just old school about privacy and the privacy of others.

THIS, however, takes the cake.


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

It's a locked blog. Or at least it is now.

Can you give me a summery?

Kamilah Hauptmann said...

From Twitter:
fugitivus Blog set to private for now. Will return when things have calmed down. 5:10 AM Feb 13th

Short version:
Lady keeps blog about her experiences avoiding an abusive ex spouse.
Google Buzz rolls out and it appears it autoconnects all her frequent contacts to Reader, other stuff.
Frequent contacts like her boyfriend, other friends, and abusive ex who emails sometimes 10 times a day. :)
So there's a post bitching about it, it goes viral, and of course in swarm the slimeballs who believe deserves to get raped for writing a blog about how she doesn't deserve to get raped.
She has a great post in there when it reopens called Stuff What Boys Can Do.