Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fiddling with Google Services

Well, I've set up an iGoogle page for myself, not sure how useful it will be, but that ToDo list is one of the things I've yet to see in Google services offered. As for a social link utility, I might just roll it into the blog itself and tag the links appropriately with brief commentary. Still a bit clunky a method, not a push button method at all.

I wonder if Google has a Twitter utility.

Anyhoo, what prompted this dive in approach? I'm reading a book called "Connect!" It's been interesting insights so far, I've learned a bit, but being that 30-something generation I've found it to be speaking in a dumbed down version of where I'm at as an internet citizen. One profound line in there was "Young people only use email to talk to people over 30." :) That was a bit of an eye-opener. So, I'm diving in with both feet, being a content maker for Second Life, into marketing, developing etc Connect! was a worthwhile buy, if a bit full of cheerleader padding in between content. It just feels geared to the 40-something crowd who haven't yet heard of microblogging.

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