Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kamilah Gets Serious? (Who am I anyway?)

I suppose I was born when I was a small child.

Yes, that makes sense.

I have a typist, but that person will remain behind the scenes for I am the imagination unleashed. In some respects, the 'real' person at last able to be who I wanted to be. This stems back to childhood dreams. Perhaps I am an imaginary friend. Perhaps I am an echo of my parents. Perhaps I am television watched or movies seen.

I am a project. I am an experiment. I exist to push the envelope as far as it can be pushed online without a tie back to the physical world. I exist to see just how far I can develop professionally by reputation and track record and good reference alone.

I live mainly in Second Life.

I am an animator. I am a scriptor. I make things that do stuff. In Second Life that makes me a sorceress, a tinker, but not a tailor. If I were a soldier or spy I'd do World of Warcraft. ~_o

I aspire. I tend to overachieve as much as I underachieve. I've few regrets.

I reside in Caledon. I became Vicereine completely by happenstance. In this role I do the odd ceremonial showing, Knightings when merited (rare), diplomatic junkets etc. I'm really not much of a roleplayer and restrict myself to whatever I can manage, being the introvert I am, and to the events in which I can picture the British Monarchy attending. Shop openings? No. Charity drives? Possible. Christmas addresses? Yes.

But mainly it just means I wander about via teleport, flight, or airship diagnosing simulator problems and rebooting/reporting as necessary. I'm a glorified apartment custodian.

Odd though, I can conceivably wipe flat 35 (and growing) simulators inside of ten minutes. The last time I looked at group membership there were over 800 avatars. How many active? I don't know. How many landholders? I don't know that either. But it's a responsibility I take very seriously.

I don't keep a house, per se. I don't see any need to have a bed, or a roof. My stomping grounds are Port Caledon (mouth of the harbour) and Caledon Lionsgate. I have no unified theme to my work, it's usually just a wild idea that grows like kudzu into either spectacular failure or ear to ear grinning KEWL.

I represent myself as a spirit animal. Puma. My avatar basics are a Luskwood White Lioness as at the time of my first rez day it was the closest off the shelf avatar to my vision. The original av is barely recognisable now.

I spell funny because I am Canadian.

And I'll be setting up this blog, status indicator, and whatever else I fancy as I go. :)


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Bixyl Shuftan said...

Who are you? You were always a stinker. ;-)